Aqua-Rex WK2 Water Conditioner Descaler


It’s the best “No Salt Softener” for the whole house alternative to a water softener system.  

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Aqua-Rex is the name used in the USA for the product known as Water-King in the rest of the world. Aqua-Rex is an electronic Physical Water Conditioner that inhibits scale formation in hot and cold water services, removes existing scale deposits and partially softens hot water. It is effective at reducing scaling in plumbing systems, shower heads, swimming pools, cooling towers, water features in homes, hotels, apartment buildings, offices, prisons; anywhere that calcium can build up. It requires no pipe cutting for installation and there is no need for ongoing maintenance or servicing

  • Suitable for most residential applications on city water with gas water heater.
  • Removes existing limescale as well as prevents future build-up
  • Uses little energy, cuts bills
  • Performance tested by IAPMO labs
  • Fits any pipe material up to 1.5″ diameter

Product Features

WK 1
An easy to install unit with an external transformer. Suitable for most residential installations, especially gas water heaters on city water.

WK 1-E 
This unit should be used with electric water heaters with up to 1″ inlets, and especially when treating well water with gas or electric heaters.

The same output as the WK1 but fully waterproof so it can be left outside exposed to the weather. It can be used to reduce scaling in swimming pools by attaching it to 2″ re-circulation pipes between the pump and the water filter. It can be used on 1″ supply pipes to externally mounted water heaters. It must not be used on 2″ supply pipes. The transformer is rated for internal use only so it requires protection from the weather.

WK 2
An intermediate sized unit with external transformer. The extra pair of antennas can be used for treating a second pipe as well as reinforcing the signal applied to a single pipe. The WK2 is ideal for larger properties and treating especially hard water where a WK1 might be less effective.

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