Bootz SynIron1 5ft Tub



Bootz bathtubs have a durable porcelain surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain-finished bathtubs have a non-porous glass surface that resists scratching, chemicals, heat and bacteria growth. Bootz bathtubs remain “timeless” in design and installation. Consumer preference continues to grow for porcelain-finished fixtures installed with ceramic tile.

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Key benefits – Aloha Bathtub With Syniron 1 Sprayed Backing

  • Modern functional recess design.
  • Straight front and straight tiling edges.
  • One piece construction with acid resistant porcelain enamel finish.
  • Free-standing on full-length noise-absorbing/support pad.
  • Available in left or right hand with slip resistant bottom.
  • Totally inorganic and environmentally friendly – nontoxic, mineral substance
  • Fade proof – colorfast (color is in it, not on it)
  • Sanitary – a nonporous surface that resists bacteria growth and cleans easily
  • Flame proof – will not burn
  • Abrasion resistant – will not scratch from wear and cleaning
  • Chemical resistant – resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Corrosion resistant – will not rust

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White, Bone

Side of Drain

Right Hand, Left Hand


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