Pump Float Switch (Double)


Pump Switches are used to directly control the operation of a pump. They are normally wide-angle switches which means they operate over a range of approximately 70º to 90º. Pump switches are available with piggyback plugs and with bare leads. Some can also be used with control panels.  Control Switches are designed to only control pumps when used with a control or alarm panel. They cannot handle the high starting amps and running amperage of a pump, only signal or control amperage.

NO or Normally Open is a switch with contacts that are open in the hanging position. They are used to pump down or empty a tank.
NC or Normally Closed is a switch with contacts that are closed in the hanging position. They are used to pump up or fill a tank.

Float Switch Brochure

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A2T SERIES – SJE Double Float® Master Pump Switch
• Mechanically activated, wide-angle switch designed to control pumps up to 15 FLA, 90 LRA, 120 VAC or 240 VAC.
• Switch consists of two mechanical floats and a splice tube. The splice tube contains a holding relay which eliminates pump chatter in turbulent conditions.
• Includes standard mounting clamps and boxed packaging.
• Cable attached to float housing: flexible 18 gauge, 2 conductor (UL, CSA) SJOW, water-resistant (CPE).
• Cable above splice: flexible 14 gauge, 3 conductor (UL, CSA) SJTW, water-resistant, thermoplastic.
• Floats: 2.74″ diameter x 4.83″, long impact, corrosion resistant, PP housing for use in sewage and non-potable water up to 140º F
• Not sensitive to rotation or turbulence.
• Pumping range: 3″ to 48″
• Available for pump up or pump down applications.
• For confined applications requiring an accurate pumping range


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