Tankless Heater Flush Kit


Tankless water heater flush kit helps keep tankless heat exchangers free of scale build up. The flush kit connects easily to the tankless service valves. Once connected you can run a solution of water and vinegar to clean the heat exchanger of any scale deposits. Regular use helps maintain a healthy tankless water heater.

  • Makes it easy to flush a tankless heater
  • Includes 5 Gal. bucket, pump, and 2-hoses
  • Add vinegar
  • Easy convenient kit
  • 1/6 horsepower pump
  • Pump is submersible
  • Pumps up to 20 GPM through the system
  • Bucket is made from durable plastic
  • Pump has removable screen for easy cleaning
  • Helps add life and performance to your tankless water heater

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